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Thursday, September 09, 2004 :::

I need/want/am obsessing over the following:

- 30-40 something year old Spanish men in well cut suits. Like, shit.

- Oolong tea

- Champagne

- Gold anything

- Red jeans

- Leslie Feist

Things I totally don't give a shit about for some reason or other:

- Film Festival. Obviously

- My birthday. What? Like I have to justify getting completely shit-faced on a Tuesday?

- Anyone elses birthday

Is this, like, the birth of a complex or something?

I'm just asking.

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Wednesday, September 08, 2004 :::

My Mom flew to Paris = Bitch.

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Tuesday, September 07, 2004 :::
continued from previous...

So while attempting to talk to my friend Dita and figure out wherethefucksheis I instead receive the following from Dita's friend DJ. whom I have never met, nor spoken with before....ever:

-Reviews and directions to 4 restaraunts.

-Description of items in Dita's purse.

-Directions to unknown person's house.

-Sexual position preferences.

-Yet another yestaraunt review. No directions though.

"Yeah? Me too, put the cunt on the phone."

Few drinks, few bumps, remenice about the time she sold me for a couple baggies...

Not Recommended: Excessive quantities of substances combined with the excessive grease of your tempura. NO matter how much you try to drink that one away will end up on St Catherines begging for someone to end it all.

*nap time*

Wake up...late. Totally miss friends you were supposed to meet at the bar. Head to the Eagle. Miss everyone...again. Head to Parking. Dancing. Drinking.

Okay now, me and the bathrooms have quite the history together. So when I finally venture in it was only a matter of time before I've got Muscle Mania's paw grabbing my cock.

No means No?

I say lets head to the alley.

Now boys, well, bottom boys: Please, for fucks sake, learn to douche. It doesn't take long and avoids both parties running down MAJOR CITY STREETS trying really fucking hard to pretend that it really can't smell as bad as you think it does.

It does.

It also splatters alot farther that you intially realize.

Next time I'm bringing a tarp.

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Sunday, September 05, 2004 :::
I fuck off two days of work and all I get is a couple beer and a plate of greasy onion rings?

Actually, you get alot of confusion from a guilty-feeling type man and a train ticket to Montreal.

-Arrive on time for train but bung it all up by going for a smoke and making 17yr old boys uncomfortable.

-Drink alot. Blunts the time and the ghastly visage of the used-condom salesman that is sitting across from you.

-Pay way too much for a cabbie to drive you 1/2 block from the train station to the hotel under the bridge that you really don't want to deal with. Then walk for 2 hrs to several other hotels that you really don't want to deal with eventually ending up somewhere and instruct someone to do something while you go have a smoke and another beer...shit works itself out eventually.

-Realize that any given weekend in Montreal is just filled with people from Toronto trying to avoid people from Toronto and they ALL are staying at the hotel next to you. FYI. be continued

je besoin!!


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