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Saturday, June 05, 2004 :::
So essentially it's a 30min gap between the pedestrian fun of margharitas on the patio, Celine Dion remixes, inapropriate fucking wind machine placement - you're not Linda, point it the other fucking way faggot -, jovial deportation threats, and fat fucking fag hags seemingly working off a Situationist framework with the gift for not even fucking realizing it, before...

...hotel room...


and guests...


Yeah - it's me, sean. Brodie's basically got it right - except he forgot the part about the Scandanavian midgets. They're annoying.

hey my name is chuck

at this point I'm asked to mention warm reconnissance, however I can't do it...fuck off please ...Im not biting...bitch! Hurrah for me...dontcha think? Hey what else is there in this reluctant rebirth...zilcho man...just do whatcha want...DUDE! HOLY VALLEY GIRL...LIKE GAG ME W/ A 9INCH COCK...yeah...

Yeah, and it's only 11:00.


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Thursday, June 03, 2004 :::

Boredom if usually the harbinger of great change. Both negative and positive. But hey, at least we're up to something!

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Wednesday, June 02, 2004 :::

Mornin, fella.

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Monday, May 31, 2004 :::

Discharge Your Static

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So essentially I'm in lots and lots of real physical pain and it'll probably only get worse cause this has happened many many times before and it always dislocates in the end and then I get to yell threats at my physiotherapist who resents my every breath cause Vince Carter is in the waiting room with a sliver in his pinky and it really really needs tending to and I should get my priorities straight and stop fucking with everyones time cause they've all got children to fuck and I should just come back when I'm not in any pain and famous or at least straight and then we can really get down to business but until then I'm just going to have to make do shaking babies and pissing on my hands and being in lots and lots of physical pain but not talking about it cause you shouldn't draw attention to yourself especially when some people have such long commutes to work and such ugly children to fuck so get your priorities straight and fucking worship those with the dumb fucking luck and Docker's to get where they are today and your fucking gimpy faggot ass isn't going to get between them and bad aluminum siding and pasty cheese so you write dwindling little farts of it on the internet and let them know how much pain you're in cause you know they really get off on that kinda shit and you can rest assured that you helped someone blow their load by walking funny.

ed note:Holy shit this Soft Cell song won't end and Carroll Pope is such a fucking dyke.

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I'm having blackout periods and I jacked my fucking knee again. This is not a good combination.

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