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Thursday, April 08, 2004 :::
Michael you're the boy with all the leather hips
Sticky hair, sticky hips, stubble on my sticky lips
Michael you're the only one I'd ever want
only one I'd ever want, only one I'd ever want
Beatiful boys on a beatiful dance floor
Michael you're dancing like a beatiful dance whore
Michael waiting on a silver platter now
and nothing really matters now....

::: at 10:24 AM

Wednesday, April 07, 2004 :::
I just spent the last 5 minutes with the phone to my ear, furtively dialing the printing guy's phone number into my computer keyboard, wondering all the while why this modern age is failing me yet again.

::: at 9:38 AM

Tuesday, April 06, 2004 :::
Only an Imperialist would have a cleaning lady:

Him: I want you to ties me up and fuck me silly, then I'll do anything you want.

Me: Anything? Trust me dude, be specific.

Him: Anything! I'll be your slave. Whenever you call me? I have to come over. You want me to cook for you? I'll cook for you. You want to watch a bunch of your friends fuck me? You just have to tell me.

Me: Do you do dishes?

Him: Yes sir.

Me: How soon can you get here?

::: at 1:16 PM

Monday, April 05, 2004 :::
The sum of it:

- Friday spent asleep on a couch, at a party, drooling puddles and apparently making some rather funny, if inappropriate, noises.

- Ran into ex. Couldn't come up with anything insincere to say, so made plans to go out Saturday night.

- Ran into a lot of other people that I also made plans, with each separately, to do something with Saturday night.

- congratulated myself for being so social, promptly unplugged phone.

- Actaully did a load of laundry. Congratulated self with a couple lines.

- Commited self to simple evening with a couple of drinks and an early bedtime. Congratulated self with a couple more lines and a trip to the liquor store.

- Saw neighbor in sweats. Panic ensued.

- Met ex for preliminary round. Realized he has dated almost every single one of his friends. Mild boredom and a few lines follow.

- Got to club. Door girl asks me if I'm a top or a bottom. What?

- Was soon surrounded by Toronto's Walrus community. Will never be able to listen to that Missy Elliot song the same way. Ever.

- Vomit. Shut up Sean.

- Honked some guys ass.

- Got home by a seriously complex combination of cabs, rides from friends of friends, booze cans, and bumming smokes from hookers.

- Home. Bed. Nuff said.

::: at 3:00 PM

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