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Friday, March 19, 2004 :::
Essentially I'm all wine and roses and prancing around like the king is dead, or something.

(ed. note: Making the stocky little freshman at the sushi counter blush 4 shades of HOT helps matters too.)

::: at 2:08 PM

In-va-sion so succ-sexy/so succ-sexy

::: at 2:04 PM

This morning is hoots and clicks to all but me, so just grab some pie and enjoy the sunshine.

::: at 9:36 AM

Thursday, March 18, 2004 :::
Get me through a week without someone asking me to piss on them.

I'm accommodating, just a little dehydrated.

::: at 10:21 AM

Wednesday, March 17, 2004 :::
7:30pm: Phone fuckbuddy, leave message

9:00pm: Get bored waiting, pop a few, pass out.

4:00am: Phone rings. Ignore

4:10am: Phone rings. Ignore

4:20am: Phone rings. Ignore

4:45am: No phone call, but you wake up anyways. Check messages. Remind self that yes, you do sound like that after an 8-ball too.

5:00am: Phone rings. Ignore

5:05am: Phone rings. Answer. Snarl, spit etc.

5:15am: Phone rings. Start twitching.

5:20am: Phone rings. Get up. Unplug phone. Return to restfull slumber.

9:00am: Plug in phone whilst savouring bagel.

9:05am: Phone rings. Answer. "Hi, this is blah blah from MBNA Mastercard. Just checking in to see where your payment is?". Unplug phone.

::: at 9:57 AM

"None of them here want to fight me like you do"

::: at 9:40 AM

Tuesday, March 16, 2004 :::
Virgo: (Aug. 23—Sept. 22)
Uninvolved bystanders will witness your crime, but due to its graphic nature, they can no longer be considered "innocent."

::: at 9:47 AM

Monday, March 15, 2004 :::
Trust me, the previous is alot more manageable than the uncontrolable bawling and banshee shreiks you've been letting out everytime the phone rings.

Courtney Love

::: at 1:56 PM

Since my photo is up at most pharmacist's counters, here is some home brew:

- 1/2 a box of Robaxacent

- 1 bottle red wine. A nice Madiran works well.

- 4 advil

- However many beer you can drink till you pass the fuck out.

Oh, don't stray to far from the toilet either.

::: at 1:50 PM

Pay no attention to whats behind that curtain!!

::: at 1:33 PM

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