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Wednesday, January 07, 2004 :::
Despite my better judgement:


Some may remember the last time I agreed to do drinks with a doctor. You probably also remember the outcome of that joyous night; me annointing my face with poppers while the jackass tried to fuck me up the ass.

It's not him, but I have a date tomorrow.

I'm bringing mace.

::: at 4:06 PM

Be sure to check out Paul Butler's show at the YYZ space (401 Richmond St), this Saturday. I'll be there with the goodhearted one and some blank wall space in mind.

Note: The boy makes a mean pizza.

::: at 12:30 PM

Tuesday, January 06, 2004 :::
Names are powerful.

No one involved in a "relationship" ever had a good time. One may be courting, seducing, experimenting sexually, dating, married, keeping company, and so on. But anything called "a relationship" must eventually result in sorrow, as the participants are unwilling to examine and name its nature.

The nexus of the conscious and the unconscious is of short duration. The unconscious mind can slough off the useless, or, indeed, the unlovely. When its reiteration is coupled with compulsion, we may be due for grief.

-David Mamet

::: at 1:30 PM

Monday, January 05, 2004 :::
Guy spends night....wake up in morning and spend relaxing and enjoyable morning...afternoon reading paper and drinking far to many cappuccinos....light conversation and furtive little glances...offer of dinner and a night out with his best friends follows...


4hrs with other friend swigging vodka and lines...further 10hrs with strange dealer who kept asking me piss on him...8 messages from the goodhearted one...and one sketchy ass phone call containing such a dearth of non-commital, emotionally detached and emotionally retarded excuses, that it could have been mistaken as government policy.

Fuck my family pisses me off sometimes.

::: at 11:11 AM

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