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Tuesday, December 16, 2003 :::
Oh, not only did I find several suitable replacements for the obnoxious hat, that has so filled my dreams as of late, but...BUT...I found a version that comes via Mother Russia, complete with sickle and star smack dab above my third eye.

::: at 11:38 AM

It was apricot and it had a snowflake on it!!!!!!

::: at 11:29 AM

Obviously Soul-less Sales Girl: How are you finding things?

Me--literally terrified and shrieking--: APRICOT!!???

::: at 11:25 AM

I ventured into The Gap last night.

I'm not quite over it yet...gimmie a few, alright.

::: at 11:21 AM

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slutty, but well read

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