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Tuesday, December 02, 2003 :::
So I spent Friday evening with a lot of people that I've either fucked, been told to fuck, or have tried persistently, and rather pathetically to fuck me.

Yeah, I was at Vazaleen.

Anyways, what made the night rather interesting, was the fact that I was on an honest-to-goodness real live date! No lines off of this one's cock, just conversation, a couple (alright 8) beers, and a small reminder that TV people are rather plain.

How can someone be surprised I know the words to a New Order song? I'm a fucking fag!!

I'm still trying to remember if he's 39, or 49. Whatever.

Anyhoo, I spent a good portion of the evening playing cat and mouse with the fucked, mightfuckatsomepoint, and the wheresmymace!! contingent, unfortunately getting cornered by one of the later, right by the projection booth. He blathered on, all to confidently, about how we should have sex, why can't we have sex, and well...not much else. The Date happened to butt in with a beer and a kiss right in the middle of his yammering, prompting him to stand and stare, and abruptly ponit (at me), and shout:

"He's dirty, you know!!"

Uh, no shit honey. Says so on my card.

Well, I got bored and started yawning so we went home, sex, yadda yadda...

Does anyone have any good book recommendations?

::: at 12:07 PM

Thanks to dubious connections, and a checkered past, I've been invited to ring in the New Year at a rather famous directors cabin.

(Hint: He's been lathered up in these pages many times before)

Now, this did mean I had to extend my Christmas vacation by a few days, which in turn extends my time with not only, my family, but that cursed towns climate as well (-31C, when I spoke with my mother recently). Recent weight loss, combined with the fact that I find most winter coats atrocious, and I have a feeling that I'll be losing all feeling, and maybee an apendage or two, on this year's sojourn to the hinterland.

::: at 11:35 AM

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