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Friday, November 28, 2003 :::
I get a little perplexed when people that have had long standing relationships with me, people that have seen me through the worst and have simply laughed, as I vomit blood, and assured everybody that it was okay, it's Runtboy, he'll be fine, which I am...really, and contrary to the current trend towards the following:

1. What happened?

..well alot..but umm

2. Have you been sick?

...a little cold awhile ago, nothing...

3. Call me if you need anything, k!

Note: I can personally attest to the fact that the person who made this remark is always available for you, no matter when,or what time, and she will also definitely, and always, end up writing about it in published form, often (as with my case) including the transcripts from the phone call.

4. We should just talk sometime?

Stop touching me!

Her, not you!

Okay, it's really sthhhhuper that everyone has suddenly become so concerned with my well being, but it seems a tad belated, and, well....creepy.

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slutty, but well read

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