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Wednesday, October 15, 2003 :::
Funny things I find out when I go home:

-When my Dad lost his job, last year, he left for work at the usual time, drove off, and ended up parking in a warehouse lot and spent the night in the car, just to avoid having to tell my mother he was fired.

-He was fired for bitching out a Mennonite.

-My oldest sister still thinks she'll be a good parent.


-I saw a chick that spent the better portion of an evening, 6 years ago, chasing an aquaintence of mine around a wharehouse with a croquet mallet.

-She's making a movie.

-When I asked whether or not the above mentioned aquaintence would be out tonight, I was informed "No, he got banned for beating the crap out of some guy that called J a drag"

"So how is he doing"

"Oh, he just got out of the mental ward. He was in lockdown for the past few weeks."

(note: things ain't that bad)

addendum: Yet

::: at 5:42 PM

When I arrived at my parent's house, sometime in the afternoon on Sun, I noticed dirt being launched into the air from deep within the earth. Further investigation revealed a very large, very deep trench being dug, and at the bottom of this pit, my father.

"Hey Dad!"

"Hey Kiddo!"

"Are you there yet?"


"Might I ask what it's for?"



"You fuckers always ask so many goddamn questions!!"

oh...that's my que!!

"Want some tea Dad?"

::: at 10:34 AM

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