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Friday, October 10, 2003 :::



Good times!

On the plus side, I got to phone M, very non-chalantly relay the details of my breakdown, then, when he inevitably drones on about my life, tell him what time my flight gets in.

The response:

"Oh fuck...*click*"


Sure, being loved is great. But instilling panic and rage is alot funnier.

...and the sex is better.

::: at 4:27 PM

Wednesday, October 08, 2003 :::
"Luckily I’m such a cold hearted prick I can’t really feel too much of anything let alone pain. Two points for me. However, knowing it’s there can be a bummer regardless. Sometimes it’s tough being the fed up one that the pink elephant crowding the room decides to take a shit on thereby leaving you no option but to point your finger and with open mouth give screech ala Invasion of the Body Snatchers."

"Fuck you"-says

::: at 5:12 PM

Everytime I pick up the paper, I am further driven to whole-heartedly adopt Borges' philosophy of the State as a "meaningless abstraction". Rather than simply pulling out such philosophies at opportune moments such as tax time, or in the face of difficult words, such as "fraud" or "warrant".

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Tuesday, October 07, 2003 :::
So being that hitherto this moment I've been all like "whoa, that shits real?" I decided I deserve a little break.

So I'm going to see my family. (???)

Passive-aggressive vampires always put things in perspective.

It's 50 cent draft night on Sat.

::: at 1:09 PM

My marketing department is on strike.

Therefore the official posting of my scruffy face shall have to wait.

"work-place safety" my ass. when I find out who taught these fuckers english...

(actually the shot is all about the hat. fuck, y'all!!)

::: at 1:00 PM

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