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Wednesday, August 20, 2003 :::
Okay, starting off my "Liver Repair" campaign with a 4am panic attack, promptly followed by a 5am panic attack, isn't exactly helping me here.

I'm suing Nyquil.

Currently: Desperately seeking pastry

Other bothers:

-Teases: If you're not going to follow through, get your hands the fuck outta my pants!

-Canada Arts Council:Your grant application has been received and a reply will be sent to you within 4 months, by which point you'll be turning tricks for dimes in Vegas.

-My friends. Okay, fine I dropped you, but I was carrying your goddamn girfriend too!!

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Monday, August 18, 2003 :::
I was mostly just annoyed at the motorists on Bathurst as I walked down. Why didn't they just move onto another street if all the lights were down? Well, I quickly learned that that wasn't exactly a viable option, and by the time I hit downtown I learnt the full, joyous extent of the damage.

First thought in my head: "When do we start looting?"

I decided to head down to one of my favourite watering holes to ponder this question, and hopefully gather some troops, laughing at the drag queens directing traffic at all the intersections along the strip (who'd have thought the girls were such outstanding citizens!!), barking at the jerk trying to sell cold water for $5 a bottle, and trying to figure out exactly how long a fridge full of beer would stay cold (4 hours, by the way).

The owner of the bar had decided that he would only be admitting regulars, on account of the fact that he didn't want a crush of people, and he wanted to make sure that his best customers could be ensured a cold drink, and since the pints were already getting a little warm, and the fact that with the fridge door opening every 2 seconds, we would soon be left with only what was at hand in the ice filled bins. The atmosphere was great, the owner starting "blackout tabs" for those of us that hadn't made a trip to the ATM that morning, cigarrette packs left open for anyone who wished, and we were soon gazing up at a star filled sky.

Since I started to get pretty damn hungry, I thanked the owner for his hospitality but said I had to go. He looked at me with a fixed gaze and said "Alright, go home, have a little something to eat, shower up, and then you're going to come back, we'll have a few more beers, then you're going to come home with me and the bf (name withheld), and we're going have a little fun". Quickest meal and shower of my life, I think.

We started on their patio at home, having a few more beers with one of the bartenders who also lives in that house. Then my friend called me aside and told me that we were going to finish our beers then head upstairs for a little pre-game warm up. The bf walked in just as my friends ankles were hitting his head. Funny, I thought, they always walk in just as things get going. Luckily he was ready as well (I don't think he ever takes that cock ring off?!), so there wasn't too much waiting. Those two ended up giving me and my foreskin a much needed workout. Although, with two voracious cocksuckers, it can get a little sore after a while.

I'm still a little peeved I didn't get to do any looting, but I did plenty of other good things that put my mind at ease, at least for now. Tune in soon to see if I release some information that will no doubt get me into a fair amount of shit (no pun intended). I think I will, I'm actually interested to see what people think about it, aside from the obvious, but we'll deal with all that tomorrow.

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