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Monday, June 23, 2003 :::
Alright, I'm back for a moment. A few notes from my current state (not Delaware):

-I like men with open relationships.

-I like men with actual open relationships.

-EI sucks, lies, and blows, in that order.

-I have 1 1/2 weeks to come up with $400, or I get kicked out of my apartment.

-I have considered selling my *ahem* time.

-I like men with open relationships. No really...

-My daddy ain't rich, my mom's marginally good lookin'

-I have an all-over sunburn thanks to our trip to the nude beach.

-No, my cock made it out just fine. Thankfully!

-If I hear one more Christina Augulwhatever re-mix from the patio next to me, I'm hanging out the window with a shotgun and taking out anything not wearing sleeves. Hell, just make the jury listen to 4 fucking hours of 'Beautiful', and they'll be giving me a medal long before they hand down any convictions.

-All my 'interview' clothes are surprisingly slutty.

-I'm only applying at stores with gay managers.

-I finally filed my taxes.

-I haven't been drinking (Think The Shining)

I dunno. I'm tired, have sunstroke, and my foreskin hurts (see 'open relationship' above). Will explain more later.

::: at 3:44 PM

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