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Thursday, June 02, 2005 :::
Because you're worthless...I mean worth it!

5 Ways to Help Improve Your Gay Body Image

Because we all can use a psychological boost occasionally.

Especially since we ran out of crystal.

5 Ways to Help Improve Your Gay Body Image

1) Put a variety of body-centered photos in your home or on your desktop. It's great to have a shirtless hunk on your bulletin board or stuck to your refrigerator, but that creates an unrealistic view of physical shapes that most of us cannot attain. Having different shapes -- skinny with no abs, manly with some love handles -- is a positive reminder that healthy, attractive people come in a variety of shapes.

2) Wear clothing that enhances the body you have, not the one you wish to have. If your goal is to lose weight or add muscle, that's great, but if you're not quite there yet, you don't do yourself any favors by thinking you are. If you have a healthy mid-section, for example, low-slung, tight-waisted jeans are just going to reminder people that you have a gut.

3) Do exercise that makes you feel good in your body. If you hate the treadmill but love dancing, then go to a disco, or take a two-step class. Forcing ourselves to do something just because everybody else does is not a recipe for satisfaction.

4) Don't weigh yourself every day. Even if you're on a diet, and want to know results, weighing yourself is psychologically fraught: you may get an ego boost, or you may get a great big dose of reality. A weigh-in once a week should be sufficient.

5) Find one part of your body that you like, and remind yourself about it the next time you're tempted to deride yourself for a physical "flaw."

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Wednesday, May 18, 2005 :::
Michael Lucas has a blog.

It's funny.


Go now, shoo!

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Monday, May 16, 2005 ::: says:
hey sparky
s:e:a:n says:
hey cupcake.....i never see you here - trolling for a daddy are ya? says:
for once, no says:
I need a couple sex-free days
s:e:a:n says:
can't walk? says:
my foreskin is offlimits till at least friday
s:e:a:n says:
hate it when they nibble. says:
actually it was more the quantity says:
than what they did with it
s:e:a:n writes: says:
s:e:a:n says:
just a friend of michael's. says:
s:e:a:n says:
Jackson, little boy, hello. Anyways - did you see that EStar tv boi of Brigitte Nielson? LOVE her.
s:e:a:n says:
what a bitch. says:
haven't seen
s:e:a:n says:
she's patently absurd.
s:e:a:n says:
s:e:a:n says:
can you imagine?
s:e:a:n says:
danish blonde monster. says:
s:e:a:n says:
which is gonna be the name for my new punk band. roxette/ EXACTLY. So chic.
s:e:a:n says:
DBM, for short..
s:e:a:n says:
Danish Blonde Monster.
s:e:a:n says:
Love it. says:
s:e:a:n says:
Loves what's new, Toots? says:
not much... says:
been very blah as of late says:
except for a ll the sex...
s:e:a:n says:
s:e:a:n says:
..........please. says:
ok, there's the texan...lord....little circiut thing, but so fucking hot says:
perfect fuzzy ass, mouth like a hoover
s:e:a:n says:
short circuit....HAHAHAHAHAH. says:
lol says:
top that all of with the accent
s:e:a:n says:
what's with fuzzy asses?
s:e:a:n says:
I don't get it. says:
I like fuzzy asses
s:e:a:n says:
yeah - as do roughly 40 million gay men. I have one - gets me lots of traffic - but - I don't get it.
s:e:a:n says:
same with hairy forearms. yawn. says:
texture I guess says:
whatever, I like fur, deal
s:e:a:n says:
s:e:a:n says:
buy a coat. says:
it;s more fun to kill it yourself
s:e:a:n says:
scalp it.
s:e:a:n says:
blackglama it. says:
I won;t even go into the ws party I accidentally attended
s:e:a:n says:
fuck my chinchilla. why? ws - is becoming de rigeur.
s:e:a:n says:
like every guy I 'know', is into it. Not that bad. except the laundry part. says:
I figured there was some sort of judaic clause against it
s:e:a:n says:
hon - there's a judaic clause agaonst everything.
s:e:a:n says:
pain - pleasure - guilt - therapy. says:
just give me my matzo ball soup and fuck off
s:e:a:n says:
ah, but no....since you're looking like a STICK these days, you must also eat all those Knedelech!!!!
s:e:a:n says:
While we watch.
s:e:a:n says:
That's why I have an eating disorder. says:
oh, I did dinner at Nick's families place last night
s:e:a:n says:
speaking of eating disorders......was the food delish? you know - greek and al.. says:
some...quite sinewy, the lamb at least says:
moussaka was good though
s:e:a:n says:
well - they probbly slaughtered fluffy just foryour visit.
s:e:a:n says:
moussaka is yummy, I concur... says:
uh, yeah. the fag guest of honour at the orthodox table...lucky I wasn't the one being slaughtered for the guests
s:e:a:n says:
they did in their minds, though....I guess this means you're official. Congrats!! Soon, you'll be embroiled in his crazy family. They're crayz, right? says:
s:e:a:n says:
Greek people are insane. says:
greek says:
orthodox says:
nuff said
s:e:a:n says:
look - you get to wear a crown - if you wed. Nuff said. says:
I think I get spit roasted if we wed
s:e:a:n says:
Refuse to take your off - after the wedding. says:
s:e:a:n says:
crown that is..
s:e:a:n says:
"No - he's my hubby - and that damn crown is mine - pass the ouzo - and shut-up" says:
only the younger women pretend to like me...though you know they'd turn on you quicker than you can say "Payless"
s:e:a:n says:
hee hee. That was mean.
s:e:a:n says:
but true.
s:e:a:n says:
Frickin temps. says:
they were doing each others extensions while smoking cigarettes and reading Us
s:e:a:n says:
greek girls - are basically temps.
s:e:a:n says:
I like US. says:
oh please, they don;t actually work
s:e:a:n says:
hey - nails that good take work.
s:e:a:n says:
You're gonna post this, aren't ya? says:
I should, shouldn't I?
s:e:a:n says:
Of course. Add more spice to the online myth - that we're praeternaturally fabulous. All the time.
s:e:a:n says:
Oh wait - we are!!
s:e:a:n says:
with white - white - sandals. says:
I'll throw in a Prada fedora here and there
s:e:a:n says:
you - got one? says:
almost got one...still might says:
they're getting more in soon...I'm having them set some aside says:
fittings says:
I wasn't totally sold on the purple-ish one

insert long angry pause...on sean's part that is.

s:e:a:n says:
anyways, Bubbles - I gotta go - my niece has her first soccer game today - and I'm gonna take pictures of all the hot soccer dads in attendance - coming in on Thursday - will probably crash at Andy's which is D/T - tenaglia's here, I think, might go - but I'll give ya shout in any event - k? says:
s:e:a:n says:
ta!! says:

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Greek men are weird.

Texan men are hot.

1 + 4 = 478

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Friday, April 29, 2005 :::
Yes, I'm fine, now.

Thank you oh so fucking much for asking, you fetid twats.


To the cute little redhead at the gym:

I'm not coy, just lazy.

Ya know, FYI.

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Friday, April 15, 2005 :::
Nothing says "I love you!" like a kidney infection.

If so, someone loves me very, very much.

Actually, I think I'm down to just one kidney. I think I shit the other one out last night, and he escaped while my eyes will still rolling around in the back of my head, whilst I lay on the floor, moaning, and choking on bile. (If you've ever had this kinda thing, you know of what I speak.)

The other remains, although I think he's curb-stomping my liver.

So yeah, the fact that your roomate used the last of the Bumble and Bumble grooming creme 'aint that fucking high on my list of cares.

You're kidneys on the other hand...

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Tuesday, April 12, 2005 :::
I'm bored.

You ask the questions for a change!

Or send me dirty pictures.

I have needs too you know!!

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Friday, April 08, 2005 :::
"Blend, dear, blend: it’s called blush, not bruise!"

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